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Download Ancient Jewels: Babylon Game Download

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On the banks of the mighty Euphrates River, near the ancient city of Babylon, the ruins of the temple Etemenanki were found. It was built to praise the supreme god Marduk. The sanctuary was protected by impenetrable walls with three beautiful gates leading to the territory of the temple complex. Let's restore the temple so that our contemporaries and descendants can enjoy these magnificent buildings, originally created by the ancient architects. Enjoy classic match-3 gameplay set in ancient Babylonia! - Ancient Jewels: Babylon

Ancient Jewels: Babylon:
  • 120 challenging match 3 levels
  • Three game modes and spectacular bonuses
  • Hours of game play
  • Earn money to restore the temple
  • Relaxing music and widescreen graphics
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 - 2.0 GHz - 256 MB

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