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Download Angkor: Celebrations game Free Download (64.9 MB)
Download Angkor: Celebrations Game Download

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Play Angkor: Celebrations and enjoy a family friendly puzzle game with engaging match 3 mechanics and fun minigames. Every hundred years, the magicians and sages of Angkor celebrate the humble beginnings of the secret mage town. A disciple with great potential is chosen and assigned a very important task: locate the pieces and assemble the ceremonial Kila. Without the fully assembled Kila, the celebrations cannot begin. This year, the great honor of assembling the ceremonial Kila has been bestowed upon you! - Angkor: Celebrations

Angkor: Celebrations:
  • 101 levels of fun match making
  • Fun mini games included
  • Gameplay options can be changed anytime
  • New types of runes and tiles
  • Angkor: Runefall
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 - 1.6 GHz - 2 GB

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