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This game is English only.Hey, chef! Cook your way to fame and glory! Cooking Stars is a restaurant game where you prepare burgers, sushi, pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and hundreds of other delicious meals using recipes from around the world! Become both a chef and a waiter. Manage your own kitchen well and reap the rewards! Choose from hundreds of upgrades and don't forget to decorate your restaurant to attract more customers! Fun and effective culinary boosters! Watch the waiter complete tasks in record time or keep customers patient as they wait. Use boosts at the right time to maximize your profits! Hundreds of episodes and well-designed levels! Discover unique restaurants and cafes - the classic Star Burgers, the trendy Café Fresh, Sushi Bar, Pizzeria and many others. Each restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with dozens of unique recipes! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Download Cooking Stars now and show off your culinary art skills! - Cooking Stars Collector's Edition

Cooking Stars Collector's Edition:
  • 180 exciting time management levels
  • Upgrade your kitchen your way
  • The Collector’s Edition includes a whole extra restaurant with 5 hours of bonus gameplay, more than 25 new dishes, additional achievements, integrated strategy guide and a FAQ that provides winning tips for all the venues!
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 - 600 Mhz - 128 MB

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