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Big Fish Studios is proud to present Fetch, an adventure tale that will warm your heart and keep you touching the screen for more! One part interactive animation, one part childhood delight, equal parts adventure and arcade, Fetch captures the timeless emotion of puppy love and takes you on a journey through dark tunnels and sandy shores to save your best friend. Do you have what it takes to save Bear? Prepare yourself for a wild ride filled with wagging tails and boisterous barks! - Fetch

  • Battle hilarious aliens; discover a prehistoric ocean; build a robot; pilot a rocket ship, and more!
  • Discover arcade-style games like Rainbow Snake Time and Pier Pressure; then compete for the highest score with family and friends!
  • Captivating characters bring a timeless "tail" to life!
  • Dive in to a living animated world
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows - 1.6 GHz - 1 GB

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