Legendary Mahjong 2 Game Free Download

Download Legendary Mahjong 2 game Free Download (335 MB)
Download Legendary Mahjong 2 Game Download

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In this anticipated sequel to Legendary Mahjong, peaceful life in Shambhala has come to an end when the evil god Thanatos seized an opportunity to destroy the temples and kidnap the goddess of beauty when the gods left their abode! Help Kokopelli restore the temples and return his beloved in this mahjong puzzle adventure! - Legendary Mahjong 2

Legendary Mahjong 2:
  • Over 500 adventure levels!
  • 300+ levels available in classic mode
  • We’ve added a new game mode
  • Enjoy a relaxing sound track
  • Legendary Mahjong
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 - 1.4 GHz - 2 GB

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